Arriving here at Unique Options has turned out to be an inspiring event in my time working. I have expanded my horizons in the various departments because staff has been so versatile in their assistance with us 'clients' by providing adaptive devices to compensate for the multitude of handicaps encountered. Here, the title 'handicap' is an obtrusive term. It actually is a misnomer; non-existent in this atmosphere. Unique Options' arena poses a positive concept of being 'different' in today's society. The people eligible for the program are given opportunities to reenter the arena of 'living' in this world, compared to 'just existing.'

Personally, the encounters I have had left an optimistic view for me to move forward in this position of life. Before I came to Unique Options, my daily routine at home revolved around watching my favorite game shows and westerns. Now, I do get out of the house regularly and socialize. It may be the same people, but the personalities vary. Many, if that's not everyday living, mmmm!

- Angela | Client at Unique Options since 2009

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