Working at Unique Options, LLC has really been a wonderful experience thus far. When I first started working at Unique, I didn't know what to expect, especially since I had never heard of a sheltered work place. The staff was welcoming and supportive with helping me and others with restrictions we had. The Unique Options staff treats you with dignity, respect, and understanding. They're very patient with the clients and work closely with us. They show us how to work on different jobs, and we help build assistive devices that are called 'jigs,' for other clients. I've been a client here for 5 years, and working here has helped me become a person who looks at life in a positive and progressing way. Unique Options has helped me take on more tasks, strengthen my problem solving skills, obtain my GED, learn how to work with groups of people better, and attain personal goals.

- Melvin | Client with Unique Options since 2009

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