Driving Safe All Winter Long

As icy and snowy conditions start to creep into Metro Detroit, it’s important to remember to stay safe on the road. Keep yourself safe this winter, and read over some of Unique Options’ safe driving tips, to ensure that you make it to all of your destinations without any issues!



  • Plan ahead – Make sure to always give yourself extra time to reach your destination, during the winter. You never know what rough patches may come along across the way.
  • Wait for snow plows – Give salt trucks and snow plows time to clear the streets before venturing out into the snow. Additionally, if you are driving around one of these assistive vehicles, leave them plenty of room to do their job, and do not try and pass them.
  • Practice driving in the snow – If you have the opportunity to go to an open lot when it snows, practice some emergency reactions with your vehicle. The more you understand how to maneuver your car in tricky situations, the more prepared you will be.
  • Drive slowly – Decrease your speed while driving during icy and snowy conditions, and leave ample amounts of space between you and the cars in front of you. Additionally, do not use cruise control during the winter months or when the roads are extra icy.
  • Brake carefully – Be gentle on your breaks, and you will avoid skidding across the road when it is icy. If you feel your wheels being to lock, start to ease up on the breaks.
  • Keep your car clean – This means your lights, windshield, and any other areas you or the cars around you need to visibly see. In the winter months the sun sets sooner, which will make this tip extra important while driving in the dark more often.
  • Drive slowly over bridges – Be mindful of overpasses, bridges, and any other roads that are not traveled often. If any of these areas are wet or damp, hidden pockets of ice can form, so be extra careful!
  • Don’t drive at all – If you can avoid going out in treacherous conditions, please chose to stay at home. Don’t assume that your car, no matter how equip for the snow it is, can handle all dangerous weather. No trip is worth your safety or life.

When it comes to ice, snow, and heavy winds, being cautious is key! Unique Options values your safety and hopes you play it smart on the roads this season. What are some of your best tips for handling cold weather travel?

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