Custom Creations with Special Projects

The Special Projects department at Unique Options has been busy with new creations that our customers, clients, and staff, have been bringing into the workshop. Let's look at a few projects that are in the works!

Flag Display Case

One of our staff members has several American flags that are ready to be proudly displayed in the home. Rather than creating separate display cases, our clients and staff in Special Projects have come up with a way to bring the flags together. This case will showcase two flags, with both the quality and sleek design that you'd expect from any manufactured display case. 

Flower Pots

Unique Options is known for our lust gardens and beautiful flowers that bloom all throughout the warmer months in Warren. We've won the Warren Beautification Marigold Award several years in a row, and this year, we're looking for a new way to showcase our foliage. Check back with us in the spring to see how well these geometric flower pots look on our grounds!

Collector Case

Many of us have items that we have collected over the years, and hate to just put them in boxes in the basement to collect dust. At Unique Options, we're continuously receiving orders for one of a kind collector cases, which will not only beautifully display your pieces, but also be unique to your home. From design to stains, you get to be a part of the entire construction process.

As we wrap up these pieces for the winter, check back onto our Special Projects page to see what additional recent works we've completed!

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