In Honor Of Occupational Therapy Month

Throughout the entire month of April, occupational therapists across the globe have been celebrated for their determination and dedication to rehabilitate those who suffer from injuries and disabilities. Occupational therapy was first idealized in 1917 by several different teachers, physicians, psychologists, and architects. These diverse minds collectively understood the importance and need for a science and evidence based profession that helped those with disabilities become stronger and more independent. 

The main idea of occupational therapy was first conceptualized by Jane Addams & Eleanor Clark Slagle, after participating in an 'invalid occupations' course at the Hull House in Chicago. In 1917, beginnings of a formalized occupational program started to develop with input from various different professions and minds. Early programs were designed around creating 'habit-training' programs and proved to be successful at various hospitals and clinics across the country. In 1924, the primary goal of occupational therapy was defined as, "helping  patients readjust themselves, both socially and industrially, through organized occupations." The early founders of occupational therapy believed that by engaging in occupational activities, patients could become more independent and self-sufficient.  George Barton, an architect by trade and occupational therapy activist stated, "A man is not a normal man until he is able to provide for himself." 

The father of occupational therapy has often been referred to as William Rush Dunton. As a powerful believer in the profession of occupational therapy, his values and standings still hold true today, and are especially true to the mission of Unique Options, LLC.

That occupation is as necessary to life as food and drink.
That every human being should have both physical and mental occupation.
That all should have occupations which they enjoy.

While the early founders of occupational therapy struggled to provide scientific evidence to maintain the notable profession, the vision of occupational therapy has evolved into a highly regarded profession both medically and socially. In honor of our own OT's on staff at Unique Options, LLC, we say thank you to those who help our clients become better versions of themselves, everyday!