In Honor of Nurses Week

At Unique Options we have the privilege of not only employing Job Coaches that work with our clients on a daily basis, but also a vast group of medical professionals. More specifically, our on-site nurse, Kim Goodwin, is able to bring more to Unique Options than just a band aid and a relief from a headache.


The nursing profession has tremendously evolved over the course of history, from basic caregivers that assisted patients with comfort and dignity to an honored profession that goes beyond the calling of just helping those who are sick. It was nurses who first helped pave the way for cleanliness protocols to help minimize infection in the 1850's. It was nurses who helped design humanitarian efforts for those who came back home from war and were struggling with the disasters they left behind. It was nurses who implemented the change in our mindsets, with programs such as the Red Cross, and taught us that helping those less fortunate than ourselves is a duty and not just a privilege. Nurses have proven for centuries that the profession of providing quality medical assistance should always be evolving into the best care possible.


At Unique Options, we understand the vital importance of our medical professionals on staff, and are fortunate to say that our Director of Client Services is a nurse that has helped paved the way for the success of our program.  To all of the nurses that help those in need that cross their paths daily, we thank you for your courage and dedication for always pushing the limits to make our world a healthier place.