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If you haven't liked our Facebook page, then you're missing out on daily news and headline information about brain injuries across the world! Here are some of our favorites stories, news articles, and experiences that we showcased on social media over the past few months.

Reflections on TBI's

The TBI community is extremely vocal about their personal experiences, and we love sharing different perspectives for both clients and professionals to reflect on. You never know when one person's point of view could change your own! Read the article here.

Motivational Messages

Because Monday's can be hard. So can Tuesday's. In fact, we all need a little nudge to keep us motivated throughout the week. Our Facebook page is full of fun and inspiring messages to keep you plugging through those difficult moments. Need a heavy dose of motivation? Check out our Pinterest boards for pages full of inspiring messages!

Scientific Studies

With concussion awareness more prevalent in the news than ever before, it seems everyday scientists are finding new ways to combat TBI symptoms and find faster ways to diagnosis brain injuries. Make sure to follow our Facebook page to stay up to date with the most recent studies in the news! Read the article here.

Breaking News & Headlines

When comedian and actor Tracy Morgan suffered a traumatic brain injury due to a horrific car wreck, we followed the story from beginning to end. As TBI's become more present in the news, sharing and supporting these headlines will only help bring about more awareness. Read the article here.

New Programs

Did you hear the news? We recently opened our FOURTH location and newest retail training enclave! UniQuely Yours is an upscale consignment resale shop, located in the heart of Roseville, MI. We just opened so there's still plenty of time to get your hands on amazing designer deals! Being able to provide our clients with hands-on retail training is a service we're thrilled to be able to provide. Make sure to like UniQuely Yours' Facebook page as well to stay up to date with what's happening in the store!


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