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The Unique Options, LLC quarterly newsletter is hot off the press! We have some great features in this print, including how you can get your hands on our custom projects made in our Special Projects department. From flower pots, to picture frames, custom wooden creations are being produced here right in our warehouses!

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The winter newsletter for Unique Options is here! Check inside to see a recap of our time in Liverpool at the International Pediatric Brain Injury Conference, a welcome to our newest Manager of Support Services, and everything you need to know about what is happening with Auto No-Fault.

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Unique Options in the Grosse Pointe Magazine

We love spreading awareness about our program, especially within the surrounding neighborhoods and communities that are near our Warren, MI locations. This month, we had the pleasure showcasing Unique Options in the Grosse Pointe Magazine! A big thank you to the magazine editors and Shelley Owens for their beautifully written write-up on our programs and dedication to the traumatic brain injury community. 

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Reflections on TBI's

The TBI community is extremely vocal about their personal experiences, and we love sharing different perspectives for both clients and professionals to reflect on. You never know when one person's point of view could change your own! Read the article here.

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Scientific Studies

With concussion awareness more prevalent in the news than ever before, it seems everyday scientists are finding new ways to combat TBI symptoms and find faster ways to diagnosis brain injuries. Make sure to follow our Facebook page to stay up to date with the most recent studies in the news! Read the article here.

Breaking News & Headlines

When comedian and actor Tracy Morgan suffered a traumatic brain injury due to a horrific car wreck, we followed the story from beginning to end. As TBI's become more present in the news, sharing and supporting these headlines will only help bring about more awareness. Read the article here.

New Programs

Did you hear the news? We recently opened our FOURTH location and newest retail training enclave! UniQuely Yours is an upscale consignment resale shop, located in the heart of Roseville, MI. We just opened so there's still plenty of time to get your hands on amazing designer deals! Being able to provide our clients with hands-on retail training is a service we're thrilled to be able to provide. Make sure to like UniQuely Yours' Facebook page as well to stay up to date with what's happening in the store!


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Urgent! Contact Your State Rep!

Did you hear about Senate Bill 248?

In less than 36 hours, the Senate passed out of committee and voted on SB 248, a bill which alters no-fault auto insurance significantly.

Help protect Auto No Fault by contacting your State Representative NOW and tell them to VOTE NO on SB 248!

The Real Facts on Auto No-Fault

by Tim Hoste

In the January 22, 2015 Detroit Free Press, readers were greeted by a full page advertisement about the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA).  In what appears to be nothing more than a poor attempt to gain attention for a new radio program on a small time, low end of the dial radio station, this sub par attempt at "informing" the public is missing one important element...fact.

The first glaring statement that proves this advertisement is nothing more than a poorly worded opinion piece is the reference to the MCCA having $20 billion in the fund.  The total amount of money in the MCCA's fund has been at the forefront of many auto no-fault related discussions for a number of years now, and even after numerous Freedom of Information Act requests and court battles, no definitive number has ever been presented.  There has long been speculation as to the amount of money in this fund, as well as its overall sustainability, but as described in numerous independent audits of the MCCA, the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association uses accounting practices which differ from accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.[i]  This statement alone proves that before any statement can be made as to the financial status of the MCCA, further information is needed to truly understand the viability of the fund.

The second statement that shows whoever authored the advertisement does not have a strong understanding of how the MCCA operates in the sentence that reads, the MCCA reimburses a very small percentage of those not playing by the rules, meanwhile, a high percentage of people who play by the rules are paying for all of this.  The MCCA is simply a re-insurer for any insurance company that writes auto insurance policies in the State of Michigan.  While the responsibility of each claim falls on the various insurance companies, the MCCA will reimburse them for every dollar spent beyond the first $530,000.  The purpose of the MCCA was to even the playing field for all auto insurers, and help ensure that the smaller companies could still write policies in Michigan, which requires all reasonable charges incurred for reasonably necessary products, services, and accommodations for an injured person’s care, recovery or rehabilitation be covered for the accident victims lifetime.  That was and is all the MCCA does, so it is unclear as to how they only reimburse a very small percentage, when they reimburse ALL auto claims that exceed $530,000.

The third statement that continues to show the lack of knowledge from the people behind this advertisement is the one line that reads, We are for everyone who legitimately need assistance from this fund! (not the lowlifes who take advantage).  Once you look past the unnecessary use of slanderous rhetoric, this statement contradicts their text box on the right side of the page that says, Place a $500,000 cap on current and future claimants.  The reality is that anyone who sustains a catastrophic injury (such as a traumatic brain injury or a spinal cord injury), $500,000 will not even come close to covering the appropriate levels of care and rehabilitation they will require throughout their lifetime. 

It is my sincere hope that whoever is responsible for this advertisement truly takes the time to learn the facts of Michigan's Auto No-Fault Insurance and the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Associations.  All Michigan residents are fortunate to live in a state that allows all accident victims the chance to have a good quality of life post injury.  In other states, the sad reality is that if you get injured in an auto accident, financial ruin for you and your family occurs, followed up by the remainder of your life is spent in a state-run nursing home. 

If the "Ask Detroit" radio show and the staff at 680AM WNZK really want to delve into this topic, the focus should be on the MCCA and their refusal to present the real financial data that is needed to truly understand the status of that fund.  Or, they can focus on why the State of Michigan allows your credit score, occupation, level of education, and residential address to factor into to how much your pay in auto insurance premiums.  Better yet, I urge the hosts of "Ask Detroit" to spend some time learning the truth about Michigan Auto No-Fault Insurance, and witness firsthand some of the therapies and rehabilitation that are quintessential to the recovery and well being of auto accident victims. 

If the hosts of "Ask Detroit" or any other media member would like to learn more about Auto No-Fault, please do not hesitate to contact me at thoste@uniqueoptionsllc.com.  It is my goal to help everyone understand just how critical Michigan's Auto No-Fault System is to not only those who currently need it, but to anyone who might need it in the future. 

In a split second an auto accident can change someone's life forever, it could be yours.  What type of auto insurance coverage would you want?

[i] Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association: Financial Statements and Supplemental Schedules Statutory Basis of Accounting. June 30, 2014 and 2013. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

January Newsletter

The newsletter is here! Look inside to see pictures from our Holiday Party, read about a personal reflection about Unique Options, LLC from a client, and an Auto No-Fault update.

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January Newsletter

See Unique on CBS Eye On Detroit!

On Monday, January 5th, 2015, we were fortunate to have the opportunity to invite the CBS morning show, Eye on Detroit, into our facility. We toured them through our warehouses to watch how our clients work and what type of production we complete in-house. Our featured segment aired on January 8th, between 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. We thank CBS for taking the time to showcase our program! We know the segment was short, so here is a short list of some of the most pertinent questions you may have...

  • Who can work at Unique Options, LLC? We are a State of Michigan approved vocational rehabilitation facility for individuals who have sustained traumatic brain injuries. While many of our clients have sustained their injuries due to motor vehicle accidents, others have received theirs while on the job.
  • What type of work can clients participate in at Unique Options, LLC?  Our program allows the clients to work on vocational skills that are required in today's workplace environments. We offer training and work in areas such as data entry, small package assembly, custodial programs, retail training, woodworking, and the list goes on! We are continuously expanding and adapting the work that is offered in our warehouse facilities, in order to maximize the potential of each individual client.
  • Do clients get paid to work at Unique Options, LLC? We offer a real paycheck for real work. All clients receive minimum wage, or higher, while working at Unique Options, LLC. We offer flexible schedules and accessible accommodations, as recommended by our staff Occupational Therapist.

If you are interested in learning more about Unique Options, LLC please call us and schedule a tour. We believe our program is unique to the traumatic brain injury community! If you have any other questions please let us know in the comments below. We look forward to growing our program in 2015 and hope that you can join us!